Patterns in Japanese Architecture – Roof Tile

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Blog

Repetition is not boring. It expands our imagination. This picture tells us so.

When you see patterns in Japanese arts and architecture, forms of repeated element are often taken from organic figures such as a branch, a leaf, or a wave.  Each element is simple and clean. When by itself, it is quiet and does not convey much.

Yet when it is repeated in a very orderly way, but without much drama, the repeated pattern starts to talk to you.

Repeated waves of roof tiles here could carry you to the ocean or to the sky, could it not?

To make this happens, precision is required; the precision of craftsman who make tiles, and of the roofer who lays them out. So what we see here is not only the art but the craftmanship, blanketed in highlighted by the beauty of snow. (Y)