Streets in Japan

I like walking lively shopping streets in Japan. Those streets look like toy boxes. Unexpected encounters wait for us. In October, I had a chance to walk on this kind of street in early morning. Then I noticed some points which many people do not pay attention to.

What Inspires Us – Art of Bamboo

We’d like to start introducing you what inspires us as designers. “The Gate” by Tanabe Chikuunsai IV, currently shown at Metropolitan Museum in New York, as a part of “Japanese Bamboo Art: The Abbey Collection” exhibition 「門」四代目田邊竹雲斎作 Inspiration for: Possibility of Material, Movement, Transparency Here is the Video showing how it is made on site.

Image of Beautiful “Noise”? – Happy Fourth of July!

Have you ever seen fireworks from where you cannot hear the noise they make? I did once. It was surreal. I wanted to shout “where is the sound?”. Japanese landscape often has wonderful quiet quality as I said in  “Image of Quietness and of Japanese Space“, our last blog. But it also includes images that must be accompanied by […]

Cat’s Eye View of Japanese Architecture vol.4 – Exploring on the Roofs

Japanese townscapes are often referred to as “roofscapes”. When you look at a town from a hill top or a castle, you only see the tiled roofs, either as a mass or as waving lines. But that is not how cats see the roofs. Cats love jumping over gaps and climbing  series of small height differences. Japanese […]

Longing for the Coming of Spring

What tells you the coming of spring? It really depends on person. I happened to see a robin near my house the other day. It definitely was a sign of spring coming. One of my favorites when I think of spring is Japanese apricot or Ume in Japanese (Prunus mume). Its flowers open up in […]