Workplace Matters In Spite of Innovation

Posted by on Feb 1, 2018 in Architecture, Blog, Space for Well-being

At the panel discussion event ” The Future of Innovation in the Workplace”, PED’s Yoko Kawai, on behalf of Mirai Work Space, had a pleasure to moderate the conversation. It was at Williams Club in New York on January 22nd, and we had a large and lively audience!

The panelists represented cowork or cowork-like places in this metropolis and the world: WeWork, DDG that helped created IBM studios, and Alley Powered by Verizon.

With these wonderful panelists, Yoko discussed the future of workplaces that have been rapidly transforming for the last two decades. What they presented convinced her that the changes are better for the well-being of people, businesses, and communities.

What is Happening at Innovative Workplaces

She will write a separate and longer article (stay tuned!), yet here is a sneak peak of the exchanges:

  • Cowork environment is not only for entrepreneurs any longer. For the productivity and people’s well-being, large companies started to employ spatial and service tactics of cowork places.
  • Technological innovations have changed the ways we collaborate, decide, and do everything. In the coming years, we need to find the way to curate them.
  • The increasing number of cowork places and the large companies’ interest to them show that the system of the commercial real estate should change. It should acquire more flexibility and transparency.
  • In spite of all the technological changes, physical locations and forms of our workplaces still matter. This is because the spatial design should enforce the shared value among new workers, such as feeling at home at work. Also, these new workplaces start functioning as the infrastructure of the city. The layout and design of this infrastructure influence the well-being of individuals and communities.

We thank Vicus Partners to plan and sponsor this meaningful event!