Penguin Environmental Design (PED) is a professional landscape and residential design firm located in Hamden, Connecticut. PED bridges architecture and landscape by “designing place from the outside in”, a concept rooted in Japanese culture.


Residential Design, Garden Design including Japanese Garden and Healing Garden, Meditative Space Design, Urban Design, Sustainable Design

PED especially cherishes small projects: new constructions or remodeling of houses, gardens, and small commercial spaces. We also take on a wide variety of projects: parks, public art works in commercial, institutional, and health facilities, urban design projects, and urban studies.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Designing Place from the Outside In

PED designs place from the outside in. We believe that place, as united entity of architecture and landscape, should be designed as a part of its outside: its surrounding society and natural environment. Its outside always keeps changing. And place must breathe with it.

To accomplish this, PED creates conversation between either side of a building surface, and hence, between the outside and human-beings who live inside.

The conversation is always visual through our choice of colors, materials, and objects. It is often physical for human body, because elements that we design encourage you to travel between the outside and inside. Conversations that we compose are also meditative. PED’s knowledge on Japanese garden and architecture allows us to make serene environment in which you can become one with nature.

DESIGN TASTE: Japanese + Modern

PED’s a touch of Since modern designs were historically much influenced by Japanese culture, Japan-ness naturally blends in to the contemporary feeling in PED’s works.


PED is active both in the US and in Japan. It was first founded as a First Class Kencihkushi (Architect) Office in Osaka, Japan, in 2001. It was later registered as a limited liability company in Connecticut in 2008. PED has been the recipient of many awards, including:

Second Place, CTC&G Design Award, Bath Design Category, 2015
Finalist, Windscape Competition, Boston Society of Architects, 2006
Finalist, Northern Osaka Station Area International Concept Competition, 2003



ペンギン・エンヴァイロンメンタル・デザイン(PED)は、米国コネチカット州に本拠地をおく、日本人デザイナーによる建築とランドスケープの設計事務所です。 日本庭園・ランドスケープ一般・住宅建築・アーバンデザインの設計、そして都市研究のコンサルティングを行っております。庭や住宅の、増改築・改修などの、小さな空間づくりを大切にしながらご提案・設計を致します。

PEDは、米国ではLLCとして (2008年設立)、日本では一級建築士事務所として (2001年設立)、日米の両方で活動しています。代表者2名は、日米両方で専門教育を受け、長い実務経験と受賞歴をもちます。

2015年 CTC&T デザインアワード:バスルーム部門2位
2003年 大阪駅北地区国際コンセプトコンペ:最終審査通過作品

理念1- 和+今

理念2- 建築+ランドスケープ