Healthy and Creative: Recent Design for Daikin U.S. New York Office

As a founding member of Mirai Work Space Alliance, we have recently designed a new office space for Daikin U.S. Corporation in New York. This renovation project aimed to enhance the company’s brand image and provide a healthy and creative environment to its employees by applying the idea of “Space for Well-being“. Brand image and […]

Mystery in Japanese gardens

We had a chance to visit the Japanese garden at Pocantico Hills in Tarrytown, New York. The garden was originally designed by two Japanese, Mr. Ueda and Mr. Takahashi, in the property of John D. Rockefeller. In the 1960’s David Engel redesigned the garden when the garden was relocated. Mystery is an important keyword when designers […]

Kamo River – Water to divide life and death

In Japan,  people think that water sometimes becomes a border to divide two different worlds. Kamo River, which runs through Kyoto City, also used to be thought as the border to separate the world for the living from that for the dead. There was a crematory in the area called Toribeno. This area is located at […]

Garden for Salvation – Cosmology in Japanese Gardens

One of the reasons why people build gardens is to materialize their images of heaven. Good examples are seen in Japanese gardens and other gardens in the world. Historically, since Buddhism has influenced Japanese culture throughout history, the image of heaven in many Japanese gardens is defined by Buddhist cosmology. “Nine Mountains and Eight Oceans” is a part of the cosmology of Buddhism. It […]

Osaka – City of toy box architecture

From the view point of architecture and landscape designs, I think that Osaka is one of the most eccentric cities in the world. Since I was born and grew up there, I had felt that it was as it was and did not think that the city was beautiful. You will be stunned by peculiar buildings […]