Longing for the Coming of Spring

Posted by on Mar 5, 2017 in Blog

What tells you the coming of spring? It really depends on person. I happened to see a robin near my house the other day. It definitely was a sign of spring coming.17photo0305

One of my favorites when I think of spring is Japanese apricot or Ume in Japanese (Prunus mume). Its flowers open up in February in Japan. When I was in Japan, it was often Ume that informed me the arrival of spring.

There are many beauty spots for Ume throughout Japan. Kitano Tenmangu, a famous shrine in Kyoto, has The Plum Blossom Festival on February 25. Planting Ume should be OK in Connecticut although I have hardly seen it.

I am waiting for spring. But when I see flower blossoms, I should go get a drug for my hey fever. (T)