Osaka – City of toy box architecture

Posted by on Nov 22, 2015 in Architecture
A red vertical rail is a free-fall attraction.

A red vertical rail is a free-fall attraction.

From the view point of architecture and landscape designs, I think that Osaka is one of the most eccentric cities in the world. Since I was born and grew up there, I had felt that it was as it was and did not think that the city was beautiful. You will be stunned by peculiar buildings when you walk in Osaka. And Namba HIPS (what a peculiar name…) was one of them which stunned me in this summer.

Namba HIPS is an amusement facility located in the south area of Osaka city. On a front facade there is a gigantic gourd-shaped void. And a red steel rail is made vertically in that void. That is a “free-fall” amusement attraction. But when I took a picture of this building, an artificial rock climbing stage was installed.

I still think that Osaka is not a beautiful city. However, it is a very fun city. I still feel “funny” energies, which unpretentious people living in Osaka have created. Funny is the best value of Osaka. That’s the way it goes. (T)