Profiles of Yoko Kawai & Takaya Kurimoto

PortraitYoko Kawai (Principal)
Ph.D, Intl Assoc. AIA
First Class Registered Architect in Japan

Yoko is specialized both in residential design and in urban design/research. Prior to the founding of PED, she designed large housing complexes, commercial buildings, and sports/community facilities as a project architect at Konoike Construction Co., Ltd., Japan, for more than ten years. Her major projects there included the Senboku-Hinoh-Dai housing development (a competition winning project) in Osaka and the Netherlands Centre in Kobe.

Yoko is also a teacher and a scholar. She teaches design studies and Japanese architecture, and currently is a lecturer at Yale University. She taught at the New York Institute of Technology, St. Agnes’ College, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, and Setsunan University. Her main research subject is the use of information communication technology as part of a sustainable city. Many of her research works have been published and presented at conferences and universities, including MIT.

Yoko’s degrees include:
Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning, Kobe University, Japan
Master of Architecture in Urban Design, Harvard University
Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture, Kyoto University, Japan

She is an International Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects. She also belongs to the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, the Architectural Institute of Japan, the City Planning Institute of Japan, and the Japan Telework Society.

Takaya Kurimoto (Principal Landscape Architect)
Registered Landscape Architect, ASLA

Takaya explores the ways in which Japanese gardens contribute to and become a part of the modern world. He designs residential and small-scale landscape and also works on urban design projects. One of his recent projects was a set of stone gardens for the “Tea Culture of Japan” exhibition held at the Yale Art Gallery in 2009. He started off studying the philosophy and history of Japanese gardens very early in his career at Kyoto University, Japan. He now teaches theories of Eastern Asian landscape at Yale University as a lecturer.

Before joining PED, he was a landscape architect for Towers|Golde and worked on university and commercial projects for nine years. His major works there include the Yale University Pierson & Davenport College Courtyard Renovations (the CT chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award), the Hotchkiss School New Residence Dormitories (designed according to the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and the New Songdo City Development Master Plan / Block 125 in Korea.

Prior to that, he designed landscape for commercial buildings and worked on many community-scale projects at Konoike Construction Co., ltd. in Japan. There, he was a part of the winning design team for the Merit Award in the Okhotsk Townscape Design Competition, and as well as the team that won the JILA Award given for the NTT-CRED Motomachi Area Redevelopments.

Takaya’s degrees include:
Master of Landscape Architecture, Cornell University
Bachelor of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Japan

He is a Member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and a Member of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.

河井 容子 (建築担当代表) 一級建築士、学術博士

ハーバード大学デザイン系大学院 建築学修士 (都市デザイン専攻)
神戸大学工学部 博士課程修了 (建築・都市計画分野)
京都大学工学部 建築系学科卒業 (都市景観・居住環境研究室)

1987-2000  ㈱鴻池組大阪本店設計部勤務
1992 アグレスト & ガンデルゾナス 事務所 (ニューヨーク)勤務
1995-2000 平安女子大学、同志社女子大学、摂南大学 非常勤講師
2001 – ペンギン・エンヴァイロンメンタル・デザイン 建築担当代表
2008 – ニューヨーク工科大学 特任助教授(日本建築論、都市デザイン)
2010 – イェール大学 講師(日本空間論)

住宅建築・都市デザインの設計を行う。また情報技術と都市・住宅環境についての研究に積極的に取り組み、国際学会やMIT等の大学で発表。㈱鴻池組においては、集合住宅、大型スポーツ施設、商業施設、コミュニティ施設などの計画と設計を行った。主な担当作品に、大阪府住宅供給公社檜尾台集合住宅 (設計コンペ最優秀賞)、神戸ネザーランド・センターなど。



栗本貴哉 (ランドスケープ担当代表)
ランドスケープアーキテクト (米国コネチカット州公認1016号)

コーネル大学大学院 ランドスケープアーキテクチャー学修士
京都大学農学部 林学科卒業(造園学研究室)

1999-2000  ㈱鴻池組本社勤務
2000-2008 タワーズ・ゴールディー事務所(コネチカット州)勤務
2008 –  ペンギン・エンヴァイロンメンタル・デザイン ランドスケープ担当代表
2011 - イェール大学 講師 (東アジア風景論)

現代における日本庭園のあり方を探求し、住宅・小規模建築のランドスケープ設計、及び都市デザインを行う。2009年1月には、『茶の旅路展』(イェール大学アートギャラリー)において、石庭の設計。タワーズ・ゴールディにおいては、大学キャンパス、商業施設外構などをデザインし、担当作品にイェール大学ピアソン・ダヴェンポート・カレッジ (コネチカット州ランドスケープアーキテクト協会栄誉賞)、ホッチキススクール寄宿舎(米国グリーンビルディングカウンシル認定プロジェクト)、韓国ソンドー市開発第125区マスタープラン など。 鴻池組での、主な担当作品に、 オホーツクまちづくりデザインコンペ (優秀賞)、 NTTクレド元町再開発 (日本造園学会賞)。