Researches on Telework and Fiber Optic Communities

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河合容子、住まいと耐震工法研究会 Web Site にて「テレワークとまちづくり」連載 (2015年5月〜2016年12月予定)(



河井容子、堀田祐三子、“米国の光ファイバー導入住宅地に関する研究―その空間、運営、事業計画の実態-”住宅総合研究財団研究論文集、No.35: 1-12 [download-PDF]

Yoko Kawai and Yumiko Horita, “Fiber Optic Communities in the U.S. ? Their Deployment, Application, and Planning Strategies for the Suburban and Rural America”, Journal of Housing Research Foundation, No.35 (March, 2009):1-12 [download-PDF]

Yoko Kawai, “Work/Life Community by Telework – Possibilities and Issues in the Case of Loma Linda”, Journal of Green Building, Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 2008:128-139 (英文のみ) [download-PDF]

河井容子、“テレワークは都市をどう変えるか‐米国での現状と将来予測” 住宅会議、第72号 (February, 2008): 2-6 (In Japanese ) [download-PDF]

Yoko Kawai and Yumiko Horita, “Can New IT Program be a Good Urban Policy for a Municipality? A Case of Loma Linda Community Program, CA” e-networks in a Increasing Volalile World, Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop of Telework ed. A. Gaudes (New Brunswick: University of New Brunswick, 2006):158-170, (英文のみ) [download-PDF]

Yoko Kawai and Yumiko Horita, “Telework Promotion by Japanese and the U.S. Governments: Difference of Time, Society and Culture” Paper presented at 10th International Workshop of Telework (University of Lancashire, 2005) (英文のみ) [download-PDF]

河井容子、“テレワーカー居住地の近隣属性に関する研究‐コネチカット州公務員テレワーカー居住自治体を対象として” 日本都市計画学会 都市計画論文集, No.40-2 (October, 2005): 71-79 (本文日本語、概要英語)
Yoko Kawai, “Neighborhood Profiles of Teleworkers’ Residential Area – A Case Study of Connecut State Government Teleworkers”, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan,No.40-2 (October, 2005): 71-79 (Abstract in English) [download-PDF1, download-PDF2]

Yoko Kawai and Yoshimitsu Shiozaki, “Physical Environment of Connecticut State Government Teleworkers” Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 3, no.2 (Novemner 2004): 327-334 (英文のみ) [download-PDF1, download-PDF2]