Space for breathing

Posted by on Nov 28, 2020 in Blog, Space for Well-being

It is almost nine months since we began to stay home due to Covid-19. Our daily life has changed dramatically. Many people including myself feel that we are not breathing enough fresh air.

Then, customers started to call us about the ways to improve their gardens. It is natural that people are now more aware of the outdoor environment under this condition. My general strategy for such a request is to design a garden that represents nature such as mountains and the ocean such as I did for this Japanese healing garden in Connecticut.

You could also leave your home to breathe. I have visited some local state parks since this spring. Walking under the large trees, I enjoyed taking in the fresh air. Do you know the word, Shinrinyoku?  It means forest bathing in Japanese. It is proved medically that forest bathing is good for human health.